Current/Past Photos


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Photos brought to the 55th LHS Class of 1960 Reunion by Joan Smith Reed from her personal collection. She has graciously allowed the class to view these photos. Thanks Joan.

1958 Latin Club Initiation   

Benda Isaacs, Terry Brown, Linda McKinney, Jane Clark, Pat Issacs,
Joan, Nina Spivey, Latin Club Initation

1958 JT Hourigan, Joan, Earl Thrasher, Sally, David,unknown, Wallace Wright

1958 Rachel Minor, Earl Thrasher, Sally Mattingly, Joan Smith

1957 Joan, Jerry Harris at Joan's party

1956-1957 Freshman, Sally Mattingly, Joan Smith, Mary Lou Mills

1959 Jimmy, Kathy, Joan, Ronnie, Jr-Sr Prom

1959 Little Orbit and his Satellites band, Jr-Sr Prom 

1959 Ronnie Payne, Joan Smith, Jr-Sr Prom

1959 Kathy Turner, Jimmy Winstead, Jr-Sr Prom

1959-1960 Benda Isaacs senior photo

1959-1960 Linda Isaacs senior photo

1960 Classmates signatures 

1960 Joan Smith, Ronnie Payne

1960 LHS Seniors, Jimmy Winstead, Ronnie Payne, Kathy Turner, Joan Smith,
Blaine Bishop, Benda Isaacs 

1962 Joan in bedroom of duplex on Elizabeth St

1965-02 Joan Smith Reed and her husband at Marco Dance, American Legion Hall

1971-11 Joan Smith Reed, her husband, their son, Scott
David Rakes (unknown date) 

Jimmy Winstead (unknown date)

Joan Smith (unknown date)

Mary Eunice Lanham (unknown date)

Joan Smith (unknown date)

1961-09-16 UK Registration receiptfor $81.00, Joan Smith


Byron Moore and his Monkey at Green River (Byron is the son of Mr/Mrs Buddy Moore) picture taken by Lynn Wilson


Mary Eunice Lanham Martin about 1965 (picture from her son, Wesley Martin)


Tom Thumb wedding presented at the LHS auditorium about 1950-1951 by the grade school kids. Are you in the picture? (click to enlarge). Thanks to McChord Carrico for these pictures. (In the wedding McChord is the minister. Lynn is in a top hat and you can see others in the picture as well, Michael, Charles Rice, Kathy, George Salem, etc)


Lebanon Jr High 8th Grade party at City Park, 1956 (click to enlarge). Thanks to McChord Carrico for this picture.

Donna Sue Mardis, Pam Bosley, Mary Harrell, Darnel Luckett, Virginia Allen. Not for sure about date or where taken. (click to enlarge). Thanks to McChord Carrico for this picture.

Mary Harrell, Billy Chef, Lynn Farris, Fletcher Clark. (click to enlarge). Thanks to McChord Carrico for this picture.

Pam Bosley, Pauline White, Phylis Mullins, Sally Mattingly, Carla Rooks, Mary Harrell, LHS Freshman Cheerleaders.  (click to enlarge). Thanks to McChord Carrico for this picture.


Lebanon Elementary School, Grade 3, 1950-1951 (click to enlarge). Thanks to Kathy Turner Browning for providing the picture. This is Miss Willard's class (the other 3rd grade class).


King and Brenda Pruitt and Family (click to enlarge)


(left to right: King, Brenda, Booker and Becky Pruitt, Gretchen and Scott McDaniel)


Lebanon Elementary School, Grade 3, 1950-1951 (click to enlarge). Thanks to Kathy Turner Browning for providing the picture. She is the 7th from right, top row, with no front teeth.


Kathy Turner Browning family (click to enlarge)


Jerry Harris and Mary Kirkland Harris family (click to enlarge)


Lynn Wilson (click to enlarge)


Lynn and Carla Rooks Rhoderick (click to enlarge).


bottom right: Jerry and Linda Bland Reynolds, bottom left: Stefanie Reynolds, top left: Keith and Paula Hutchinson Reynolds, below them, their children, Brianna and Jared, top right: Eric and Jeri Lynn Reynolds Pullen and their children, Jackson and Erica. (click on picture to enlarge)


Bill and Donna Reynolds family (left top: Bill and Donna today and in 1975 - right top: children Bonnie, Joe III, Kim in 1975 and today - bottom clockwise: grandchildren Kayla, Joey IV, Kelsey, Gracie, Avery, Justin in 2006) (click on picture to enlarge)


John and Patsy Weatherford Stine family (1985 and 2007) (click on picture to enlarge)

(not pictured: Granddogs Tucker, Noah and Grandcats Molly and Megan)


Coleman and Mary Harrell McDuffee family, 2006 (click on picture to enlarge)


Duff and Christy have Sarah, Jake, Hannah, Caleb
John and Christina have John, Amanda, Haley
Pat and Alice Ann have Collin, Will
Midge and Kelly have Logan, Coleman
The rulers of the roost are Mary and Coleman


Wanda Whitehouse Hill Wathan (Jan 31,1942 - Feb 20, 2010)

Top:  Wanda and Ray Hill, Feb 1963; 2nd row: son David Hill and daughter Rosanna Hill McDonald. 3rd row: Zachary Hill, Wanda, Michael Hill (Rosanna's husband). 4th row: Sara Hill, George Wathan (Wanda's 2nd husband), Ashley McDonald, Joshua McDonald.

Wanda's first husband died in 1977.


This is Zadie, granddaughter of Bill and Trina Elliott. Zadie's parents are Jennifer and Stace Herron. (left to right top picture) Zadie, Bill and Trina Elliott, Stace and Jennifer Elliott-Herron holding Zadie (bottom picturee: Eric Elliott holding Zadie)